Palm Oil Production

Palm Oil Production

We have a restricted quality control process and checkpoints for  Palm Oil Manufacturing Filling process

to insure the quality of our brands.

Palm Oil production - Lamy Brand

Lamy Brand

Filling step 2

Then filling from the bulk container using sensitive filling machine to insure bubble free oil, under controlled pressure and temperature to insure liquidity and preserve oil characteristics.



Filling step 4

Rapping the unites together and storing it at warehouse.

Filling step 1

The Palm Oil Production process starts by selecting High quality metal packing to

preserve the oil.

Palm Oil production - Filling Machine

Filling Machine

Filling step 3

Palm Oil production - Filling paking and Rapping

Packing and rapping

Filling step 4

Collecting and Gathering the palm oil packages together carefully attached by strong plastic strip.

Filling step 5

Professionally Loading into container to  insure no empty spaces which could harm    the Packages during high ocean transportation.

Palm Oil Manufacturing Filling Loading container

Loading container