Malaysia & Worldwide Trade

With the strong credentials of the founder members, and in light of the ongoing developments of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) talks between Malaysia and world countries to up a free trade zone to boost the weak trade exchanges between the countries having great economic potentials and huge consumer markets – our company has been established for the purpose of assisting in bilateral trade and investment between Malaysia and the world countries.

The underlining aim of the FTA negotiations, is to lead to a progressive liberalization  of trade between the all nations. The FTA will allow Malaysia and other countries to open up their markets and remove restrictions on business and investment. This means cheaper goods for all sides, greater opportunities in industry, textile, manufacturing, construction, engineering, tourism, and health.

Free trade and the removal of restrictions on investment and businesses lead generally to economic growth, the reduction of poverty, improved living conditions and spur employment opportunities. Aware of the resistance they may encounter at home from protectionist, some countries citizens and Malaysian decision makers say the implementation of the FTA will be gradual. In a first stage, they focus on products which the other country is not producing, before expanding their complementary moves.

According to some analysts, there are huge business opportunities in the thriving sectors such as renewable energy, auto industry, infrastructures, oil and gas. Trade exchanges between the countries remain somewhat modest below threshold of $ 1 billion USD, with the balance inclining in favor of Malaysian exports.