International Business Development

Planning of international business development

New market entry not only suggests profitable opportunities, but it also contains sufficient risks. The purpose of this phase is to develop documents that will be used to execute and control the project. Depending on the complexity of the solution, detailed plans for cash flows, a schedule, investments, skills, resources, risks, quality, and communication will be defined. In developing the plan for foreign market penetration, we suggest the following main activities within this phase:

  • Foreign market analysis

    • Assessment of alternative markets

    • Estimation of revenues, expenditures and risks

    • anking and selection

  • Development of market entry strategy
    • Estimation of revenues, expenditures and risks
    • Choice of the optimal market penetration model
    • Development of risks minimization guidance
  • Forming of marketing policy

The end of this phase is achieved when all necessary plans have been developed and coordinated.

  • Practical Realization

The purpose of this phase is to assure the successful execution of all the developed plans including:-